York Way Cycle Lanes - deadline today

Jean Dollimore

Today is your last chance to reply in support of making the York Way Cycle lanes permanent.

So if you haven’t already done so, please go to the contact form here and fill it in – it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

We suggest that you reply along the following lines:
Q8: “Strongly Agree” – to all of the proposals
Q9: “Agree” – to the first group of six points – you can leave the remaining Q9 points blank
Q10: Give a reason why you like it, e.g.: “Riding up York Way is so much easier with the new cycle lanes”  If you can think of something orginal, then officers will be able to quote it in their report.


On 1 Sep 2021, at 16:27, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:

Many of you will have already enjoyed using the Pop Up cycle lanes on York Way that run between Hungerford Road in the north and Wharfdale Road in the south. As required under the Experimental Traffic Order, Camden Council are now consulting on whether to make the changes permanent or to remove some or all of them. If they are made permanent, the temporary lanes will be replaced with stepped tracks and there will be further improvements at the junctions and pedestrian crossings and a lot of improvements to the streetscape.

This is a very important consultation; if passed it will make permanent almost 2km of an important link in the cycle network and will change the nature of the street by reducing the domination of motor traffic.

This consultation is on Camden’s website at:

https://consultations.wearecamden.org/supporting-communities/york-way-safe-and-healthy-street-scheme/ which also has some very good before and after visualisations.

The Online Survey is at the bottom of that page and is straightforward to fill in. Please would you find time to reply as an individual as it would be good for Camden to have plenty of positive replies.

We will respond on behalf of CCC in enthusiastic support of the proposals and will also describe any potential problems that are reported to us. One missing item that we will be asking for is a protected right turn into the Kings Cross development just north of the canal but do let us know of any other issues, either on this forum or by emailing info@...

Thanks in advance!



John Chamberlain
Camden Cycling Campaign