RIS2 road building: A358 consultation deadline midnight tonight (22/11/21)

Steven Edwards

If anyone feels / is able, there’s a deadline for objections at one minute to midnight tonight
for one of the 4000 miles of new road schemes across the UK
that needs to be challenged.

(Details below from info on Twitter)


Please respond w/one line
(or more if you’re able to)

🛑 "I object on #climate grounds*”
Taunton to Southfields
Dualling Scheme

Nat Highways #Climate #cons
making New TRAFFIC w/New roads

@TransportActio2 @RoadsXR
@StopRIS2 @StopKillingCycl

*It will also be abysmal for walking & cycling (needless to say),
as the 8 & 1/2 mile road will become one step down from a motorway,
All the usual issues of severance, degradation of an ecologically sensitive area, impacts on quality of life, noise…and of course:
new traffic inducement