provision for cycling - children on bikes

tim <sohi@...>

The "flagship"
Royal College St Cycleway

the council works have forced out unprotected
pedestrians and cyclists alike
from the pavement and track,
repeatedly over days
as thier digger/dump truck straddles the bike lane
rebuilding the pavement
no way through at all
and no warnings or bollards for cars

one for the website
forgot to take the camera
mustn't grumble but ......

picture me on my bike
with three children on bikes 7, 6 and 4 years old
in the cycling haven of our local
Royal College St Cycleway
encountering the works
rounding the dump truck in the middle of the road
meeting a cyclist wondering
how to cycle past us all
while coming the opposite way against the cars
having climbed the "safety" island with the kids
pedestrians coming into the road too

cars racing past

yes ....mixing pedestrians and cyclists and cars
into one and a half lanes of fast road space
to save the contractor some manpower
must we wait for a victim of this kind of
shrugged off by one cyclist who "is aware of the wider picture"
and who is supposed to act responsibly

we ARE standing up for pedestrians too

the worst thing is it puts people off cycling
it doesnt encourage people to walk either