Prescription cycle glasses for Martin Nelson FRGS

Martin Nelson

An advice request: after a big day walking and cycling I got what turns out to be the harmless symptoms of 'floaters and flashes'. Moorfields gave me a clean bill of health, but I have decided to invest in cycle shades to protect my ageing eyes from dryness in winter, all year protection generally.

My long vision is not bad but I should go for prescription shades, ideally varifocal, which are available glazed-in or with inserts (cheaper). My budget favours the latter; neither are cheap!  Does anyone have experience of either option? I would be very grateful for advice.

Condor Cycles recommended RX Sport as a specialist website, but I am seeing what my local optician can offer too.

Footnote: I have just heard I am accepted as a Follow of the Royal Geographical Society, in part for cycling projects.
Letters after my name! Quite chuffed, though the serious intent is to engage with fellow geographers on equinoctial-environmental ideas