Prince of Wales Road

John Chamberlain

We're really pleased to see that Camden have approved plans for a "pop-up" eastbound cycle lane on Prince of Wales Road from Haverstock Hill to Grafton Road. This is to be experimental and funded by TfL under Covid-19 measures ("Streetspace") and it will complement the westbound lane which is under construction.

This is great - it is part of Camden's effort to support the predicted large increase in people cycling (already being seen) as people return to work, shops, schools etc.

It will mean the loss of some car parking and we expect some negative feedback. If you live in the area or cycle through it it would really help if you emailed your councillors in support (they usually only get negative comments!). For Kentish Town ward (the eastern part of the route) the councillors are Meric Apak (meric.apak@...), Georgia Gould (georgia.gould@...) and Jenny Headlam-Wells (jenny.headlam-wells@...) and for Haverstock ward (west of Dalby Street) the councillors are Alison Kelly (alison.kelly@...) Gail McAnena (gail.mcanena@...) and Abdul Quadir  (abdul.quadir@...).

Or you could email Adam Harrison (he's the relevant cabinet member) at adam.harrison@...

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