Tavistock Place trial - work begins #taviplace

George Coulouris

Tavistock Place closed as start of trial arrangements
10/11/2015 12:12

Day 2 #taviplace westbound motors blocked as far as Woburn Place.
10/11/2015 13:23

On 9 Nov 2015, at 23:00, Angela Hobsbaum angela.hobsbaum@... [CamdenCyclingCampaign] <CamdenCyclingCampaign@...> wrote:

Do you know about the changes to Tavistock Place cycle route?
Major Improvements will provide more Space for Cycling!

We are going to give out a leaflet describing the scheme to everyone who rides along Tavistock Place 
so that they will be ready to use the new layout sensibly. 
If you can  help out, even for half an hour, between 12 - 20 November,
please contact  angela.hobsbaum@...
You'll need to catch cyclists at the traffic lights, otherwise they will just whizz past! 
Choose your time: ​
Thursday 12 November - am / pm
Friday 13 November - am / pm
Saturday 14 November any time
Monday 16 Nov - am / pm
Tuesday 17 Nov - am / pm
Wed 18 Nov - am / pm
Thurs 19 Nov - am / pm
Fri 20 Nov - am / pm