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I had a crank (to be more accurate, two in succession) that failed on my Chinese bike.  While I was riding along a busy street in Peking a pedal suddenly stopped turning the front sprocket.  I reached the roadside by judiciously pressing on the other good pedal, while scores of Chinese rode past impassively.  Breakdowns are apparently quite frequent.  Whacking the cotter pin (remember them?) did no good because the hole in the crank had enlarged, so a roadside repairer put on a new one for the equivalent of £1, an exorbitant price.  It only just lasted until I got home where my friendly local repairer replaced it with a good one for less money.  There are lots of roadside repairers who hang spare parts, tyres and inner tubes on a tree or lampost to advertise, so I could point to what I needed.  I was unlucky to encounter a rip-off merchant.
Roger Mason
PS I shall be in China again from 27 August to 11 January next year.  I'll go on receiving the group E-mail.

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One of the great things about travelling by bike is the amazing repertoire of new experiences waiting to be enjoyed.

A first for me tonight was my aluminium handlebar snapping (just at the point it meets the stem bracket) on my Brompton folding bike. I had no warning that it was going to fail. Fortunately I was travelling at low speed, having just joined Royal College Street from the canal towpath. A conveniently parked car enabled me to come to rest and remain upright.
If it had happened 30 seconds earlier and I would have fallen into the canal.

Has anyone else experienced any major bike failures which could (or did) have serious consequences?


P.S. Don't forget our monthly meeting is this coming Monday at 7.30 pm, Castlehaven Community Centre.

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