Re: Panorama program Wed 2nd Nov Road Rage: Cars v Bikes

Jean Dollimore

I agree with Berwyn. 

Although the program allowed brief interviews with Clare Rogers from LCC and Duncan Dollimore from Cycling UK, neither was given enough time to change the tone of the program.

And that tone was very adversarial … why should it be assumed that people that drive are in some sort of war with people who cycle? After all, many people do both.
And the majority of the drivers I encounter in streets in Camden seem very sympathetic and helpful.

The BBC should be ashamed… Panorama is supposed to be a serious program that presents a useful analysis of things it investigates. But instead they gave so much time to Rod Liddle … 

Etc etc


On 3 Nov 2022, at 11:49, Berwyn Rutherford <berwynr@...> wrote:

Shocking Panorama last night. Cyclists verses cars. Berwyn

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