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James Brander

I am not totally behind these proposals for DrakeSt/Procter St, and shall say so to LBCamden.
Their scheme requires the removal of two bus lanes, three marked bus stops (one of which is used as a stand for the numbers 8 and 98), and a further marked bus stand. I was told in regard to South End Green that moving Bus Stands is well-nigh impossible.
The cycle time on the traffic signals at High Holborn is 2 minutes nominally, though SCOOT will adjust that at busy times.
Of that 120 secs, traffic turning east onto High Holborn is held for only 15 secs, which would be the time available to clear the proposed cycle gate.
Up to 500 cyclists per hour use Theobald's Rd, of whom probably 400 come down Drake/Procter, almost all of whom will be turning west into High Holborn. Thus, there could easily be 20 cyclists trying to use the gate from a 1.5m wide cycle lane.
In other words, the proposed lane and gate don't have sufficient capacity.
My own approach to that intersection is to use the bus lane on the west side of Drake/Procter, and then use the ASL box ahead of the westbound traffic at the High Holborn lights to take up an appropriate position. The westbound traffic gets green for only 40 secs in the 120 sec cycle, so there's lots of time.
I think my approach (which other people also use) could form the basis of LBCamden's proposals, and provide more cycle capacity without upsetting TFL buses so much.
Good luck,
James Brander 

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Done, thanks for alerting us to this.



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Camden are consulting on further changes in the Holborn area to make it safer for cycling. You can see a summary with links to the consultation on our website at

As an interim step, pending the major changes proposed in the Holborn area plan, which was approved and then frozen by TfL during the cut-backs, we think this is a good scheme and encourage people to support it. You can respond here:

We'll put in a response on behalf of Camden Cyclists and will incorporate any comments received on this discussion group.




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