Re: Bloomsbury Way and Vernon Place Gas Works

Berwyn Rutherford

Shocking Panorama last night. Cyclists verses cars. Berwyn

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That sign is there for cyclists who choose to avoid the short diversion via Southampton Place and Barter Street. There just isn't room to continue on Bloomsbury Way, which is the reason for the diversion. But there may be an issue for cyclists who approach from Bury Place in either direction - another diversion sign may be needed. I'll follow up.

John Chamberlain


On 03/11/22 11:33, James Brander wrote:

The gas main looks like a replacement for Nordstream.
I note that Cadent's generosity extends only to Bury Place, where the inevitable 'cyclists dismount and use pavement' appears.
James Brander 

On Mon, 31 Oct 2022, 17:00 John Chamberlain, <john@...> wrote:

Those of you who have cycled along Vernon Place and Bloomsbury Way (continuation of Theobalds Road) recently will be aware of the major works to replace the gas main. This has resulted in a lane being closed and major diversions. Cadent have been able to keep a westbound cycle-only lane open with a short diversion via a contraflow on Southampton Place and then via Barter Street, to avoid having to go round the Holborn Gyratory with the buses and motor vehicles. Most cyclists are using this, which is good, though some are using the footway (not popular).

Starting tomorrow, works will begin at the junction with Southampton Row and though the road layout will change the cycle signals installed earlier this year will still operate as designed, so the junction should remain safe. But please be careful! Email me with any issues and I'll take it up with Camden.



John Chamberlain


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