Re: Consultation on South End Green

Mick Farrant

Tgis is a dangerous space for all, not just cyclists. Made worse by parked buses on Fleet Road often for long periods. Unclear also of changes in bus routes ? more or less  Not sure of solution but more thought needed/ Msjor area for patients etc to RF


Mick Farrant


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Subject: Re: [camdencyclists] Consultation on South End Green


This junction is important in the future of the Camden cycling network because it connects Pond Street to Constantine Road thus linking the Haverstock Hill route with the Savernake LTN and C6. And in future we hope up Willow Road to the Whitestone Pond.


Straight across from Pond Street to Constantine Road is always a challenge due to the number of motors converging on the junction from 3 directions and tussling to get into Pond street or Constantine. In practice priorities for motors are very unclear but at least the existing arrangement )below) has an island in the middle, linked with 2 zebras. 



The new scheme diverts pedestrians from their desire lines and has turning vehicles stopping in the middle of the junction to turn into Pond St and Constantine Rd. I wouldn’t like to cycle through it with some vehicles waiting to turn and others going straight through:



I think we should object to that junction design.



On 22 Sep 2022, at 16:24, Jean Dollimore <jean@...> wrote:


(e.g. it would be nice to be able to go down South End Road and left into Constantine Road or turn left from Fleet Road into Pond Street without being cut it by drivers)



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