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Norman Franklin

I feel strongly that there should be traffic lights at the s 639 trlleybuses, abolished in 1961 used to park in the main road, outside the Gents, and there never seeemed to be  problem at that very busy junction, thePond Street Fleet Road crossing.  I hate the idea that we might cycle through the streetery.  Can the  bus park be arranged so that3 168s and 3 24s can park at the same time (I have my doubts)  One place for the !^*s to park is outside the Peace Garden.

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On Thu, 22 Sept 2022 at 16:24, Jean Dollimore <jean@...> wrote:
Today’s CNJ had a full page article as well as a few letters about this consultation. The talk is all about the long-lived controversy as to where the 168 bus should ‘stand’.

The consultation is mainly about a proposal to close the slip road to motor vehicles, allowing two-way cycling and providing a streatery for some of the cafés.

It also includes proposals to improve the pedestrian crossings at the junction of Fleet Road/ Pond Street/South End Road/ Constantine Road (removing the island alnd allowing people to walk straight over)

So far, so good and I think we should support these proposals.

BUT: what about cycling? 
- we gain a two-way route through a nicely closed slip road which avoids using the above mentioned junction. But turning right into the slip road is tricky: any ideas as to how to make it easier?

- improvements for cycling should be made at at the above mentioned junction:  is there room to put protected cycle lanes on the approaches, through the junction and on the exits?
(e.g. it would be nice to be able to go down South End Road and left into Constantine Road or turn left from Fleet Road into Pond Street without being cut it by drivers)

Please suggest ideas for me to include in our response.

I have summarised the details on our website here:

and you can go straight to the consultation on Camden’s website here:


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