Quick Win Improvements for Cycling

John Chamberlain

Some of you will remember that in the past we maintained a list of 'quick wins', mostly relating to permeability improvements (dropped kerbs, contraflow cycling etc), that Camden could do relatively cheaply and without extensive consultation. We last updated this list in 2019 which was the last time Camden had funds for this sort of programme but by then it had been very successful in making minor improvements.

Camden have asked us for more examples, specifically relating to cycle lanes and ASLs that are difficult to access because of parking and loading etc, or other obstructions. We already have some suggestions:

  • Difficulty of getting to the lane on Royal College Street southbound¬† where it starts on Kentish Town Road
  • Feeder lane to the ASL on Kentish Town Road northbound just south of Hawley Road blocked by parked vehicles
  • Feeder lane to the ASL on Hunter Street just south of Tavistock Place blocked by parked vehicles

Please send any ideas to quickwins@... . If you can include a photo or Streetview link that would be great.




John Chamberlain


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