Re: CCC monthly meeting 20 June agenda

Neville McKay

Dear Ema

I’m running late getting home so am, regretfully, submitting my apologies for this evening’s meeting. 

Best wishes 


On Fri, 17 Jun 2022 at 16:14, Ema Arvati via <> wrote:
Dear all,

Please find below the agenda and log in details for our monthly meeting Monday the 20th June at 19.30.

1) Introductions

2) Minutes of the May meeting to be approved

3) Matters arising from the minutes

4) Agree a date for the next Committee meeting

5) Planning the next face to face CCC social and a regular calendar slot / location

6) Ideas for raising funds for CCC campaigns

7) Social events & rides

8) Volunteers for the newsletter

9) AoB

Log in details:

ID 966-2634-1261, password 656179, link:

Minutes: Ema

See you next week


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