Re: Stolen: Moulton TSR11 Electric Bike

Steven Edwards

That’s extremely annoying George - really sorry to hear that 

I did just mange to copy & paste it into the chat on IWB.

Mark Strong was presenting on cycle parking as well !!

And began with the point:

“It’s not about cycle parking…it’s about cycle theft”

Assume you’ve checked all CCTV (nearby as well as the hospital’s)


On 26 Apr 2022, at 16:49, paulbraithwaite via <paulbraithwaite@...> wrote:

Dear George,
What absolutely rotten luck.
It must be worth a small fortune.

Paul Braithwaite 

On 26 Apr 2022, at 16:12, George Coulouris <george@...> wrote:

Dear all,

I’m sad to have to report the loss of my much loved Moulton TSR electric bicycle. If anyone sees it for sale I will of course be grateful for a notification and in fact I have decided to offer a substantial award. There are more photos and information in this photo album. (Note: the middle photo below shows the bike before the electric motor was fitted).

George Coulouris

Stolen: Moulton TSR11 Electric Bike

Stolen 25/4/2022 from outside Royal Free Hospital, London NW3. (Details: Owner: George Coulouris, george@..., phone 0787 9887663. £200 reward offered for information leading to recovery.

Frame number: 172864. Colour: white.
If you see this bike or are offered it for sale, please contact George Coulouris, (george@..., phone 0787 9887663). Moulton TSR11 spaceframe bicycle, 20" wheels. Fitted with ARCC front wheel electric motor. Battery attaches to the head tube.  (


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