Re: Stolen: Moulton TSR11 Electric Bike

Berwyn Rutherford

I am so sorry to hear that George. I’ll keep a lookout

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Bad luck
I feel marooned after my electric folding Ettnic trike was stolen in Englands Lane.
Made in Spain, the two wheels are at the front and it has square tubes for the semi-axles,
"=£3000 award to a finder.
Norman Franklin
Flat 5
17-19 Elsworthy Road
London NW3 3DS
phone 02077224543
mobile 07504111095
mobile 07954111095

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Dear George,
What absolutely rotten luck.
It must be worth a small fortune.

Paul Braithwaite 

On 26 Apr 2022, at 16:12, George Coulouris <george@...> wrote:

Dear all,

I’m sad to have to report the loss of my much loved Moulton TSR electric bicycle. If anyone sees it for sale I will of course be grateful for a notification and in fact I have decided to offer a substantial award. There are more photos and information in this photo album. (Note: the middle photo below shows the bike before the electric motor was fitted).

George Coulouris

Stolen: Moulton TSR11 Electric Bike

Stolen 25/4/2022 from outside Royal Free Hospital, London NW3. (Details: Owner: George Coulouris, george@..., phone 0787 9887663. £200 reward offered for information leading to recovery.

Frame number: 172864. Colour: white.
If you see this bike or are offered it for sale, please contact George Coulouris, (george@..., phone 0787 9887663). Moulton TSR11 spaceframe bicycle, 20" wheels. Fitted with ARCC front wheel electric motor. Battery attaches to the head tube.  (

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