Re: Consultations - Queen's Crescent - REMINDER

Jean Dollimore

The deadline for responding is 18th March. Please do reply now if you haven’t already.

You can see the response that I have sent on behalf of CCC here:


On 4 Mar 2022, at 21:38, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:

Queens Crescent and Grafton Road

The trial scheme went in in May 2021; the key features are the pedestrianisation of part of Queens Crescent and a filter on Grafton Road to stop through motor traffic. Camden are now consulting on making it permanent with significant improvements. 

Grafton Road is a key link in Camden's cycle network (designated C6) and motor traffic on this road is down from 2600 vehicles per day to 140, making it suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Overall, pedestrian footfall is up and air quality is significantly improved. There has been an increase in local motor traffic on some of the local roads (mostly relatively small in absolute numbers) and you may want to ask Camden to take steps to counter this. The consultation is at and the deadline is the 18th. There is significant opposition so please take time to respond.

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