Re: Camden Park Road and Torriano Avenue Safe and Healthy Streets Consultation

George Coulouris

Most of the traffic turning into Busby Place from Torriano Avenue is indeed using it as a through route. It offers a through route from Camden Road to Kentish Town Road - the only one since the closure of Sandall Road. Much of the Busby Place traffic is the same that used to use Sandall Road making Patshull Road resident’s lives hell. There is less of it on Busby and Caversham Road is wider, but it is still a rat-run. 
Banning entry at Busby Place would almost totally close the whole area to access from the East so a better solution would be to filter the roads inside the area, but it is complex and would require a lot of filters.

Early release for northbound cycles at Camden Road might help but it would have o be longer than the usual 4 seconds if cycles are not to get overtaken before they reach Busby Place.


On 11 Mar 2022, at 15:51, seymour susan <sseymour137@...> wrote:

Not sure banning the turn would work well. It leads into a large residential area and is not really a through route, so may be used mainly by locals. Banning the turn might lead to even more traffic on the already congested Kentish Town Road. I doubt paint could achieve much, maybe narrowing the entrance, like on Chetwynd Rd at Highgate Road would force drivers to slow down and look.
Phasing/early release at Camden Rd would help with the left turns there.
Best wishes


On Fri, 11 Mar 2022 at 14:32, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:

I agree with Susan that there are still issues with left-hooks though I think the layout north of Camden Road is much better than it used to be.

  • Continuing the bus-lane markings across the junctions should help but maybe we can also get a blue cycle lane painted across Busby Place. Or suggest that the turn should be banned.
  • Need more details of the planned changes to the lights at Camden Road (TfL). Ask for a proper cycle phase, and at the least an early release?





On 09/03/22 17:11, seymour susan wrote:
Thanks Jean. I put the following the General Comments section 15
As a cyclist I am concerned about two dangerous places for cyclists going straight ahead when motor vehicles are turning left. These are at the junction with Camden Road when cycling across from Camden Park Road to Torriano Avenue and secondly in Torriano Avenue at the junction with Busby Place. I have often had cars accelerate and overtake me between Camden Road and Busby Place and then promptly brake in front of me and turn left into Busby Place.
Best wishes

Susan Seymour

On Tue, 8 Mar 2022 at 11:46, Jean Dollimore <jean@...> wrote:

Dear all

Camden proposes to make permanent the trial changes made in Camden Park Road and Torriano Avenue in February 2021. This excellent scheme has vastly improved the road outside the three schools on Torriano Avenue as well as providing a good northbound extension of the York Way cycle route. 

Camden also proposes some further improvements (including widening additional footway on Torriano Avenue and improving  the junction with Camden Road - TfL work). You can see the consultation details here:

The deadline is 18th March. We will be preparing a response on behalf of CCC and will take into account any suggestions made on this mailing list. My main concern will be to get safe provision for cyclists at the junction with  Camden Road at least for those travelling north on Camden Park Road and Torriano Avenue.



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