Walk the Walk - London Moonwalk 14/15 May 2022 - Cyclists Needed

John Chamberlain

From Richard Perry (LCC Barnet)

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Subject: Walk the Walk - London Moonwalk 14/15 May 2022 - Cyclists Needed
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 22:24:34 +0000
From: Richard Perry <richardgeoffreyperry@...>
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Dear Cyclists - please forgive the generic greeting - I wanted to contact all the groups in London.

I've been contacted by "Walk the Walk" about encouraging cyclists to volunteer to help with marshalling on the "Moonwalk" on 14th/15th May.The Moonwalk is an overnight marathon length walk through central London in aid of Cancer Charities (especially but not exclusively breast cancer charities). Because of COVID this is the first Moonwalk since 2019 which means that this year's walk is more needed than ever.

WTW would be enormously grateful if you can tell members about the Moonwalk.

Cyclists are essential to the volunteering effort because they can easily reach parts of the route that support vehicles can't and are able to respond quickly to hotspots on the route where additional help is needed, cyclists navigate the front walkers around the route, and others follow the end of the walk looking after the weary last walkers. Cyclists sign up for one, or two, shifts - from about 9pm (Saturday)  to 7am Sunday and then from about 7am Sunday to 12 noon. 

We need about 60 or 70 cyclists. In the unlikely event that there are more cyclists than are needed then your help elsewhere would also be warmly received. It is a quite brilliant and uplifting night out with a joyous atmosphere, and millions of pounds will be raised. You can also help by getting sponsored as a volunteer (but you do not have to - your time and enthusiasm is all that is needed). 

All the details about the Moonwalk and how to volunteer are on the WTW website and I've attached an official role description.

Cyclists need to be over 18 - because you'll be out in the wee small hours. 

Just to repeat I and WTW would be grateful if you were able to circulate information to other London cyclists.


Richard Perry (LCC Barnet Member)
(People are welcome to contact me by email if they want to know more).


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