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John Chamberlain

There are two different schemes on Sandall Road. One is the closure at Camden Road. This has been agreed but it looks like they may still be taking comments on Commonplace. The second is the timed restriction at the Bartholomew Road end, which is the current consultation.

The formal consultations are probably more critical - Commonplace is mainly used to get ideas and informal feedback.





On 06/02/22 10:28, Elena wrote:

Thank you John,

I have responded to the two that are local to me - personally as you know I think they should be all extended ! Anyway, better than nothing baby-steps as they say ...

It's a bit strange that some of them ( i.e. the Camden School for Girls ) have comments open on Commonplace whilst others still require the form, wonder why that is.


On Sun, 6 Feb 2022 at 09:49, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:

Camden is consulting on making permanent a number of Healthy School Streets schemes. These remove most motor traffic during drop-off and pick up times and encourage people to use active travel to get to school and we think they should get our support. So if you agree and you haven't already responded, please take a few minutes to do so. The following consultations close on Tuesday 8th:

Camden School for Girls (Sandall Road): details here and you can go direct to the questionnaire here
Haverstock School (Crogsland Road - important cycle route): details here and questionnaire here
UCS & Hampstead Parochial (Hollybush Vale): details here and questionnaire here. We think the area should be extended, you could add this to your response.
Rhyl Primary (Marsden Street): details here and questionnaire here

And finally, this one closes on the 16th: Netley School (William Road): details here and questionnaire here




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