Haverstock Hill Cycle Lane work to commence this week

Richard Fletcher

Link to  the CNJ

Tory councillors in Hampstead and Belsize as issued in its January newsletter are asking for objections.  There is a link to Oliver Cooper (Tory) and to Camden to express your view (when built). It will be built to full spec apparently. Positive feedback in support of the scheme as implemented would help, clearly. 

This is the Tory blurb.

"Camden is commencing works to replace all parking on Haverstock Hill with two cycle lanes. 

The works are being done under an 'Experimental Traffic Order', and the scheme can therefore remain in place for up to 18 months. Camden may then decide to make it permanent.

However, as it must be reviewed before being made permanent, we would appreciate you providing feedback to Oliver Cooper via oliver.cooper@... and to Camden via safetravel@... (Camden must receive at least one objection in the next six months, otherwise it can become permanent without a review).

We have no doubt there will be significant negative repercussions.  In Camden's consultation, 69% of local residents and 78% of local businesses objected to the scheme.  In response, we asked for the scheme to be withdrawn and proposed an alternative route via Maitland Park Villas.   

The decision was given final approval by Camden in August last year, when it was formally challenged by Camden's Leader of the Opposition Oliver Cooper and Belsize councillor Steve Adams (himself the keenest cyclist on Camden Council, but no fan of poorly designed schemes pushed through without public support!).  Sadly, it was approved down party lines: Conservatives voting to defer to residents' views, Labour voting to ignore them, and Lib Dems abstaining.

Camden has allocated at least £1.2 million to the scheme thus far.  Camden has confirmed to councillor Andrew Parkinson that it has not budgeted for its removal if the 'experiment' is found to be unsuccessful."

And to make it absolutely clear, I am no fan of the Tories and their policies, putting it mildly.  

Positive feedback in time to Camden to counter objections and in support of the scheme as implemented would help, clearly. 


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