Re: Consultation to make permanent the poorly designed Streatery on Belsize Terrace

James Brander

Technically, that area is still highway, like the site of Swiss Cottage Market and the bit at the top end of Ossulston St where the school tried to stop us cycling through during the closure of Somerstown Route.
So, the village area should be safeguarded to allow return to highway use.

On Mon, 17 Jan 2022, 16:51 Richard Fletcher, <rickyfletch@...> wrote:
Dear All. 

The only restaurant using the space is Roni’s. Initially when first introduced with the pandemic other restaurants tried it. Now they have table licenses to put tables outside their restaurants where there is demand. These restaurants discovered that insurance was needed to carry food over the street, Belsize Lane, and so for these reasons do not use the Terrace

The Streatery license is just for the tables covering the public open space on the Terrace, not the table licenses outside the restaurants

The principle objection is that the Streatery is using ALL of the public open space on the Terrace.  Camden is not proposing to use Belsize Lane or take away parking, it is proposing to take away all the available public open space and privatise it. 

I am not asking you to object to tables outside the restaurants, as every food outlet has tables and chairs on the pavement, and so they should. 

What I am saying is there should be a compromise.  LB Camden should be turning over the design of Belsize Terrace to a street-design professional where the design can include a Streatery and public open space.


On 17 Jan 2022, at 16:18, Elena <elena.moynihan@...> wrote:

The application mentions seven local restaurants and food outlets- with different number of tables at different hours of day ( 14, 34 and 40 tables as the day progresses).

Roni isn't really a dinner place, so I guess the 40 evening tables would be for other outlets ?

Pretty much every food outlet has tables and chairs outside on the pavement now ...

On Mon, 17 Jan 2022 at 15:41, Stefano Bertolotto via <> wrote:

Are you sure this would only be for Roni’s? At the moment it was used by 6 or 7 venues in the area and the application shows a big number of tables which I’m surprised would a go to Ronis? Can’t find much on this in the application, though it says Calici would store the tables.


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