Re: Consultation to make permanent the poorly designed Streatery on Belsize Terrace

Elena Moynihan

The application mentions seven local restaurants and food outlets- with different number of tables at different hours of day ( 14, 34 and 40 tables as the day progresses).

Roni isn't really a dinner place, so I guess the 40 evening tables would be for other outlets ?

Pretty much every food outlet has tables and chairs outside on the pavement now ...

On Mon, 17 Jan 2022 at 15:41, Stefano Bertolotto via <> wrote:


Are you sure this would only be for Roni’s? At the moment it was used by 6 or 7 venues in the area and the application shows a big number of tables which I’m surprised would a go to Ronis? Can’t find much on this in the application, though it says Calici would store the tables.


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