Consultation to make permanent the poorly designed Streatery on Belsize Terrace

Richard Fletcher

Hello All. 

This is slightly off topic, but falls within our remit, I think, to build a better Living Street environment

LB Camden is consulting with everyone on its proposal to make the Streatery on Belsize Terrace, currently under a temporary license, permanent. 

Many residents and others are OBJECTING as the current Streatery design takes away ALL the public open space formerly used by residents, children etc.. And to make matters worse the takeover is by ONE restaurant, Roni’s. All restaurants in Belsize Village have table licenses outside their premises; these tables are popular places to dine, and these restaurants have no need or want to use the Terrace, other than Roni’s. 

Further, the public benches have been repositioned to face the Streatery facing north, and act as a barrier, so entering the area one feels like one is trespassing. The planters on the Terrace use up a considerable amount of space . What is left for the public is the right of way, the bike parking and the bin and refuse area. It’s a design shambles, basically. The space for bike parking is inadequate, a shambles.

A compromise is possible where adequate public space is restored and where sufficient space is available for the Streatery, (such as limiting the Streatery and the tables to a line outside Roni’s, with a repositioning of the public benches and putting the planters onto Belsize Lane, taking out some parking).  LB Camden should be turning over the design of the Terrace to a street-design professional where the needs of all users can be met.

If approved as it stands it would be a classic case of individual private profit at public expense. 

The consultation runs until 21/01/22 which is this Friday and is open to anyone.

You can find the link on

and go to Belsize Streatery, and if so minded please OBJECT.  Under “ other" please suggest that a compromise solution is possible which would facilitate the Steatery on Belsize Terrace AND retaining public open space to be used by residents, visitors and children.  Please suggest that LB Camden should be turning over the design of Belsize Terrace to a street-design professional where the needs of all users can be met.

Alternatively/additionally your comments can be made directly to the licensing authority

Thank you for your help!


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