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Jean Dollimore


One advantage of doing a conversion is that you continue using a bike that you already like.

I wasn’t able to do that with my little blue Moulton (AM7) because the bike was too old and the frame might have got damaged.

So I bought a similar bike (the TSR8 green one) and had an ARCC conversion. (A front wheel motor and a small battery and light weight)

See pictures here


On 30 Nov 2021, at 23:28, Angela Hobsbaum <angela.hobsbaum@...> wrote:

Thank you John, I have read it but am still digesting it. Swytch comes out well.

On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 at 21:03, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:

There is a review here that may be useful



On 30/11/21 21:01, seymour susan wrote:
Yes, Angela, I have had swytch for over a year now. Getting up to Hampstead and Highgate village is a doddle, and I've used it to go into the City yesterday and today. Happy to tell you more.
Best wishes

Susan Seymour
twitter: @sseymour137

On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 at 20:01, Angela Hobsbaum <angela.hobsbaum@...> wrote:
Please excuse the use of your so-informative mailing list for making a personal request.
Has anyone used an e-bike conversion kit, such as this?
If so, what's your experience? Would you recommend it, compared to getting a purpose-made e-bike?
As an ex-Camden cyclist, I only need help getting up Archway Road and Muswell Hill. I don't do long journeys.  
Many thanks,

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