Road Building: A66 Northern Trans-Pennine consultation closes Saturday at midnight

Steven Edwards

Heard about the massive £90 Billion traffic inducement scheme currently underway and being talked about endlessly in the news? 

No. Me neither. 

But it’s still underway.

Ignored at COP26, while high-carbon heavy EVs are getting

the promotion that cycling (and walking. trains, & buses––entirely absent at the conference) are not.

E-cars and road building are set to keep motor cars as the dominant mode

(despite 1:1 EV for ICE replacement not being feasible for some decades)

as the government continues to appease the duel problem of car industry and road building lobbies,  overlooking (or deliberately dismissing or avoiding) the obvious transport choice for the majority of journeys;

(E) Bikes, are 30X more efficient than EVs and could replace some 60 to 80% of car trips. 

England needs to follow Wales and halt its Road Building Programme and is use the funds for active & public transport.

One of the many schemes currently being pushed ahead is the A66 Northern Trans-Pennine 

If you can find time, please object to the massively harmful A66 Northern Trans-Pennine route.

Notes to help are below - should only take 10 minutes.

Many thanks,


Consultation ends 11.59pm on Saturday 6 November 2021.

The huge number of consultation documents are here, but please use any of the below bullet points in your consultation response.

Email your objection to A66NTP@...

Further information below from Transport Action Network.

  • A six week consultation for such a complicated project made up of 8 separate schemes is far too short. More time should be given for people to fully understand the impacts and to feed back their views.

The project would:

  • Increase carbon dioxide emission by up to 4.4 million tonnes from extra traffic (3 million tonnes) and the construction process (1.4 million tonnes). This is completely unacceptable in a climate emergency, and takes us further away from reaching our 68% cut by 2030 required under the Paris Agreement.

  • Have a devastating impact on wildlife already under threat including red squirrels, otters, bats, water voles, polecat, brown hare, hedgehog and roe deer.

  • Impact on internationally important bird species such as lapwing, curlew, oystercatcher, snipe, redshank, pinkfooted goose, whooper swan, woodcock, redwing, fieldfare, black redstart, kingfisher, golden plover, and barn owl.

  • Impact on two Special Areas of Conservation (SAC): the River Eden and Tributaries SAC and the Pennine Moors SAC (which is also a Special Protection Area), These have the highest level of protection afforded to habitats in the UK. The River Eden is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

  • Harm the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

  • Increase noise and air pollution

  • Increase severance for people walking and cycling, sending them on long detours or complicated and awkward crossings

  • Impact on heritage assets including Brough Castle, Eden Valley Railway and Rokeby Park a Grade II* Registered Park & Garden

Email your comments to A66NTP@...


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