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Tony Raven

It maybe needs a “for all” on the end - Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods for All - to emphasis that it needs to be inclusive, not just for the few (in cars).


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Here’s a quote from Steven’s latest ‘News from Elsewhere"

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I dislike the term “Low Traffic Neighbourhood”. It’s inaccurate – @ActiveTravelNet Twitter

October 31, 2021 By Steven Edwards 
Active Travel Neighbourhoods @ActiveTravelNet
I dislike the term “Low Traffic Neighbourhood”. It’s inaccurate. Walking & Cycling are forms of traffic and, ideally, we want to see them increase. The optimum is a higher volume of walking & cycling traffic. A high traffic neighbourhood of active travel. An ATN

If you joined our Zoom meeting on Monday, you will have heard the discussion with Adam Harrison. If you missed it, here’s a summary

You will see that while Camden calls them Safer and Healthy Streets we are calling them Safe & Healthy Neighbourhoods – a name that we think retains the idea of safety and health, yet distinguishes areas from roads.


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