Re: Cycling suggestion help

James Brander

Hi Elena,
Richmond Park? There's a complete cycle circuit (off-road, gravel surface) and most of the tarmac roads are closed to traffic.
You'd have to drive to Roehampton Gate, which would take a while.
The deer are good there too.
Have fun.
James Brander

On Tue, 5 Oct 2021, 07:57 Elena, <elena.moynihan@...> wrote:
Good morning all,

I need a bit of help with a cycling suggestion please ! 

My grand-daughter is 18 months and we would love to take her on a cycling trip locally.  However, the directive is that we must never be sharing the road with cars ;-)

So basically I am looking for a fully segregated cycling loop or route that is not too long, and that can be reached easily either by car ( we have a great bike rack) or by overground trains where we can bring our bikes ( i.e. the North London line )

Any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance !

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