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John Chamberlain

Thanks, Christopher - I have passed this on to Camden asking them to check.

Elena - yes, maybe we will need to leaflet as well as campaign online. We'll take a look at the Commonplace responses to see what the mood is! One problem is that Camden consult local residents and businesses but a road like this is used by a lot of cyclists from other parts of Camden and beyond who may not know about the consultation (and don't necessarily follow us online or on Twitter).





On 17/09/21 09:30, EleNdubz wrote:
Do we need to do a leafleting for this too, like for the York Way ?

On Fri, 17 Sept 2021 at 09:19, Christopher Edwards <edwardscje@...> wrote:
Apologies if this link has been sent round the group already - I think this is the consultation to make POW Road changes permanent and expand them slightly.

There seems to be a glitch in the form, in that the website does not let you submit the survey unless you mark at least one box on the things you don't like section. I ticked the 'other' box in that section, and then added text saying I do like the scheme and this seemed to be a glitch

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