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Steven Edwards

Good move John. Thanks

On 13 Sep 2021, at 15:44, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:

Closing down discussion on this now, please, and on the Cargo Bike subject.

John Chamberlain
Camden Cycling Campaign
On 13/09/21 13:40, Mick Farrant via wrote:
Thanks Paul I am 79 on Thursday and can not cycle as in isolation for the next fortnight. My E bike is essential to my life. At least I give my proper name. 
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I don't know moyelbushra but I'm with Mick Farrant on this.  
His polite post suggested that we cyclist will not win support if we make selfish strident demands such as replacement of a parking space with a dedicated cargo bike space "right outside their home".
Being rude to a 78 year-old lifelong cyclist was unwarranted.
Paul Braithwaite
On Monday, September 13, 2021, 12:48:30 PM GMT+1, Mick Farrant via <mirog@...> wrote: 

Fact: I have cycled in London almost every day since 1976 when I was 34 and been a member of CCC for many years. I am by no means anti cycling but think I have a right to make my views known .I have never posted anything about cycling on Next Door. If you as a member of CC have the support of this organisation I will cancel my membership immediately. 




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Sorry, Mike, but I am calling you out as, very clearly, an out & out troll. All you are doing is spouting the exact same anti-cyclist trash you see on NextDoor all the time. They all begin with "I've been a cyclist for xxx number of years" (meaning I learnt to ride a bike when I was 7 & have never done so in my adult life since), they then invariably go on to "yes, of course we want to save the planet, but what about all the disabled people etc who really 'need' a car?" (what percentage of people might that actually be, I wonder), before the inevitable "I nearly got / saw someone nearly getting, run over by some rabid cyclists jumping lights / cycling on the pavement". It's exactly the same nonsense. This is meant to be a forum for people who are interested in actively campaigning FOR cycling. All you are interested in is sowing disharmony, arguing with people, & pushing your anti-cycling claptrap. MODERATORS!!!  

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