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John Chamberlain

I had a chat with some PedalMe people this evening at the LCC dangerous junctions protest. They said that on-street charging wouldn't help them because they don't leave their cargo bikes on the street for very long. But a battery swap system would be very useful.



On 08/09/21 21:28, Lisa & Jemima wrote:
A company called 'connected to curb' does a system that is munti user and future proofed. Very keen on supporting e bikes.


On Wed, 8 Sept 2021 at 16:19, Douglas Schwab via <> wrote:

Will on street electric car charging points also be upgraded to allow charging bicycles?

I see lots of electric car charge points, but not cycle charge points. Same for those who combine car/van and cycle use, no charging points in car boots for those carrying their electric bikes with them. 

Not everyone has charging options at all points in their journey.

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On 8 Sep 2021, at 15:13, Steve Prowse <steve.prowse@...> wrote:

Please do share widely............

Do You Really Need A Car? | Why E Bikes Could Be The Future Of Personal Transport

Cargo bike sharing to launch in Stoke Newington, London Fields and Shoreditch

The Business eCargo Bike Grant Fund 2021/22 is open for applications.

The 2019 Camden Cycle Action Plan only says this about Cargo Bikes: 
We will conduct a comprehensive review in Phase 1 of provision of e-bike and cargo bike services and facilities and implement a range of actions (in both Phases), working with external partners and organisations, to increase uptake and use of these types of bikes in the Borough
If anyone knows of any other progress in Camden on this topic, please share. 

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