Re: Camden monthly Meeting draft agenda (16 Aug 2021)

Steven Edwards

Thanks Ema, (and also Berwyn-
I hadn’t heard about the collision on England’s Lane).

I agree with George re spending much of the meeting on
item 4 but suggest this could be directly linked with item 6 (Camden’s Ambition) which will also require further meetings & discussion.

Re: 4. SKC have a Die-In (for Dr Marta Krawiec) planned for the 20th: I’ll be making a short speech
(which will be focussed on Camden’s progress rather than failings, but still calling for broad action from all councils in accordance with:

• the deterioration of motorist behaviour & ongoing promotion of car-as-default leading to unacceptable traffic volumes
• the latest IPCC and demands against the backdrop of the earlier than predicted climate events..

(I’ve just now seen confirmation that LCC will be supporting: SKC will be supporting LCC’s ride in September)

Re: 6. (Ambition) While CCC acts in accordance with what is politically feasible (and thankful for some enlightened councillors & officers), I would repeat my argument for an increase in our demand, proportionate to the two key points above:

• the threat from rising levels of motor traffic &
drop in basic driving standards 

• the threat from irreversible, and *spiralling*, climate breakdown (still largely dismissed by most media agencies).

I suggest an acknowledgement (without call for NVDA unless you feel so inclined) of  XR’s theme of ‘Impossible Rebellion’, due shortly, and eh September, Parents For A Future uprising slogan: Be Scientifically Realistic.
Demand the Politically Impossible.

The tangled current political mess offers conflicting positive & negative voices, from both Labour & Conservatives, impacting funding allocated to both Sadiq Khan and Camden.

So, for cycling & walking to be *actually* prioritised across the borough we should now demand the ‘impossible’ (!)

(The consequences of failing to act appropriately are not good. Our trajectory is currently for 3ºC above pre-industrial temps).

The new IPCC report, like the TDP (Transport Decarbonisation Plan), requires a shift in ambition locally and nationally.

XR Roads Rebellion is assisting with action to defeat the government’s planned £27.4 billion new roads programme (ultimately £90 billion to 2035) that goes hand-in-hand with the govt/media mantra of “EV sales & economic growth”.

This is essential to halt the car culture habit leading to excessive demand for access across our borough and capital (amounting to literally billions of miles driven in just London, per year)

Note) Transport emissions = highest sector
(surface) transport = highest %)
Transport emissions = the only sector where emissions are still growing

So I suggest considering what’s needed for Camden to be more like Utrecht or Paris an to *actually*

Prioritise cycling (and public transport)
Disincentivise car ownership, usage and storage

Some suggestions
(that Camden should support even if not covered in their remit):

1) Full roll-out of LTNs across Camden

2) Car-As-Guest policy: 9mph speeds on side roads

3) 20mph enforcement borough-wide

4) Expansion and rapid implementation of (light seg) cycle lanes
on ALL main routes (contra-flow on all routes)

5) Direct/priority (as per new HC rules - tbc Sep) right of way across junctions for pedestrians and cyclists - demarcated with lines/paint & also extending pavement across the junction maintaining the same height from the road
(as in PoW Rd)

6) Removal of car-parking from main routes.

7) Reduction of subsidy for car parking (subsidised car storage)

8) Toll roads at boundary entrances

9) Camden to support smarter/per-mile road pricing to M25 boundary

10) Camden to demand cancellation of Silvertown &
reallocation of funds to TfL active/public transport 

11) Greening of streets as flood mitigation (depaving)

12) Removal of all pavement parking (e.g. Gospel Oak, Chetwynd etc)

13) Scrappage scheme - cars for (e)bikes (&/or subsidised bus/tube/train travel)

14) Reduction/removal of short term (covid) & long term school car parking

Supporting articles:

🔴 Are councils’ plans for local road schemes compatible with the declaration of a climate emergency?

 Professor John Whitelegg was appointed FIT Senior Fellow in 2020.

🔴 Scrap Silvertown Tunnel project and divert resources to mobility solutions that tackle climate changeJohn Whitelegg Foundation for Integrated Transport 12/8/21

🔴 Britons back investment for better cycling routes and bus services over roads.. Lockdown strengthens public backing 24/7/20

🔴 Over half of all Brits considering buying an e-bike, study finds: July 2021

🔴 The UK's feral roads deter cycling – we need enforcement, not calls for respect..Our public space is increasingly out of reach for all but the fit, the brave, and those in motor vehicles: Laura Laker  9 May 2019

🔴 Cycling levels up by up to 300% during UK’s lockdown:  5 June, 2020 Mark Sutton

🔴 Removing the Netherlands’ ubiquitous tiles from front gardens is part of a broader initiative to expand green space in several cities.

🔴 Motor City Of Birmingham To Throttle Short Car Journeys: Carlton Reid 27/7/ 2021

🔴 Don’t Despair Over Climate Report’s Horrors, There Are Fixes — But Electric Cars Not One Of Them: Carlton Reid

🔴 Phil Goodwin and Jillian Anable discuss the role of transport decarbonisation in addressing the impacts of climate change  10 August 2021

Two examples of consequences from rat running:

Swains Lane (2020)

Woodsome Road this week

On 12 Aug 2021, at 10:49, Ema Arvati via <emanuela.arvati@...> wrote:

Hello all,

Our next monthly meeting is next Monday 16th August from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. 

Please see drafted agenda below:

1.  color:#333333">Introductions
3.  color:#333333">Matters arising from the minutes
4.  color:#333333">Fatality at Holborn
5.  color:#333333">Response to ongoing consultations
6.  color:#333333">Increasing Camden’s ambition (new/revised targets for 2022 cycling action plan)
7.  TFL penalty charging (e.g. fines for parking in Red Routes)color:#073763"> visit our consultation page

8.  color:#333333">AoB

Please let me know by tomorrow morning if you would like to add anything else. I aim to send the log in details and final agenda at around 11am tomorrow.

Kind Regards

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