Re: Camden monthly Meeting draft agenda (16 Aug 2021)

Norman Franklin

I would like something done in Prince of Wales Road at the Junction of Crogsland Road.

Cyclists emerging from Crogsland Road blocking access to the wand-protected cycle lane.  Perhaps a yellow criss-cross box junction sign would help.


Norman Franklin

Flat 5

17-19 Elsworthy Road

London NW3 3DS

Phone 020 7722 4543

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Subject: [camdencyclists] Camden monthly Meeting draft agenda (16 Aug 2021)


Hello all,

Our next monthly meeting is next Monday 16th August from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.


Please see drafted agenda below:


1. color:#333333">Introductions

2. Minutes of the July meeting.

3. color:#333333">Matters arising from the minutes

4. color:#333333">Fatality at Holborn

5. color:#333333">Response to ongoing consultations

6. color:#333333">Increasing Camden’s ambition (new/revised targets for 2022 cycling action plan)

7. TFL penalty charging (e.g. fines for parking in Red Routes)color:#073763"> visit our consultation page

8. color:#333333">AoB


Please let me know by tomorrow morning if you would like to add anything else. I aim to send the log in details and final agenda at around 11am tomorrow.


Kind Regards



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