Re: Prowse Place and Wilmot Place Healthy Streets consultation

Steve Prowse

Please do take 3mins to do this consultation - even if you are not local to it. Every 'stongly agree' counts to mitigate against the haters and never do goods.
You can copy / paste Jean's constructive comments too.


Steve Prowse (no relation to Prowse Place - LOL)

On Wed, 11 Aug 2021 at 14:25, Jean Dollimore <jean@...> wrote:

Camden proposes to make permanent the trial closures that were installed in Prowse Place and Wilmot Place in June 2020. 
Camden also proposes to:

- Improve connections for cycling on Wilmot Place between Royal College Street and St Pancras Way:
- for eastbound cyclists a Tiger crossing into the contraflow on Wilmot Place west
- for westbound cyclists, a bollard protected lane and a place to wait before turning right into the St Pancras Way cycle lane
- But they have not proposed a solution to how to make the right turn into Wilmot Place west from the northbound cycle track on Royal College Street. 

- Blended junction on Wilmot Place at Pancras Way

- Strong blue paint markings where the cycle lanes on Royal College Street pass the junction with Wilmot Place

- Make Jeffreys St/ Wilmot Place, between Prowse Place and St Pancras Way, two-way for motor vehicles (introduces left hook risk - is blue paint enough?) 

This consultation closes on 31st  August. We encourage you to send a personal response (via the online survey at the bottom of this page):

CCC will send a response in favour taking in to account input from others


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