Prowse Place and Wilmot Place Healthy Streets consultation

Jean Dollimore

Camden proposes to make permanent the trial closures that were installed in Prowse Place and Wilmot Place in June 2020. 
Camden also proposes to:

- Improve connections for cycling on Wilmot Place between Royal College Street and St Pancras Way:
- for eastbound cyclists a Tiger crossing into the contraflow on Wilmot Place west
- for westbound cyclists, a bollard protected lane and a place to wait before turning right into the St Pancras Way cycle lane
- But they have not proposed a solution to how to make the right turn into Wilmot Place west from the northbound cycle track on Royal College Street. 

- Blended junction on Wilmot Place at Pancras Way

- Strong blue paint markings where the cycle lanes on Royal College Street pass the junction with Wilmot Place

- Make Jeffreys St/ Wilmot Place, between Prowse Place and St Pancras Way, two-way for motor vehicles (introduces left hook risk - is blue paint enough?) 

This consultation closes on 31st  August. We encourage you to send a personal response (via the online survey at the bottom of this page):

CCC will send a response in favour taking in to account input from others


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