Re: Car blocking cycle lane station Road Woodgreen

Bob Hare

I've reported to Haringey Council parking with Luke's photo ...

For parking / roads

Outside the Akdeniz small supermarket.

This photo was posted on the Camden Cyclists email list, and will have
been seen by very many people including members of in Haringey Cycling

Parking on this cycle lane is a regular occurrence.

1) Can you use a photo from a member of the public to follow up with
the driver (warning or fine)? The information on date and time should
be contained in the photo, or I could ask the person who posted the
2) I appreciate that the rubber cycle lane markers here may not have
been fitted with posts because of the requirement of the adjacent shop
for deliveries. Could an enforcement camera be installed at the start
of the lane opposite River Park House? Is there anything else that can
be done to prevent cars parking in the lane?

Many thanks.

Cllr Bob Hare


On 11/08/2021, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:
Haringey I think. Not much we can do but you could forward to
haringey@... in case they are collecting incidents.



On 10/08/21 23:21, Luke Pearson via wrote:
Hello everyone

I noticed an incident of people using the bike line as a parking spot,
as I was walking rather than cycling I took a photo ( he was blocking the
cycling Lane on double yellow lines.
From Luke

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