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George Coulouris

Richenda asked specifically for CycleStreets routing, probably because she has had good experience with routes obtained from and the many apps that rely on it.

The CycleStreets routing engine is a work of great sophistication that uses data from the OpenStreetMap database (as do all routing apps except Google and Apple I think). Not all routing engines are equal, even when they use the same mapping database because there are so many elements that can taken into account and each is given a weight in decisions about the best cycling route, e.g. number of lanes, traffic signals, junction treatment, quality of surface.

Until quite recently, had no serious rival for decent cycling routes and it still has one rival - also uses the OpenStreetMap database and produces routes of similar quality to, but it has a more up-to-date user interface that allows you to interact with a route to make it follow different roads etc. 

None of the above answers Richenda’s request for an iPhone app that gives instructions by voice. That is simply an add-on that none of the iPhone app developers using the cyclestreets routing engine have chosen to include.

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On 2 Aug 2021, at 09:14, Tony Raven <tony@...> wrote:

Re: Komoot, its originally a commuting app and I use it a lot around London both for navigation A to B but also for ride suggestions.    And as I said, I believe the only difference between OCM and OSM is the additional visualisation layer that adds visibility of cycling specific information in the OSM data.  This is the box on the web map which refers to OSM data and contributors.


I just ran a test of OCM vs Komoot on a commute from home to Liverpool St and on OCM Balanced route the two were virtually identical going down Q1 most of the way.  On OSM based maps you don’t have the choice of Quitest/Balanced/Fastest but otherwise it looks the same.

But if you really want to be sure it’s OCM you can use the Komoot web planner, which allows you to select OCM mapping - the layers icon on the right of the map.  Then if you are logged in and have the app you can hit the Send Tour to my Phone button to transfer it to the phone app to navigate.



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On 2 Aug 2021, at 07:16, richendawalford <richenda@...> wrote:

Tony and Berwyn, thanks for your responses.
Tony – Komoot is very focused on the countryside, whereas I’m after directions around London.  But mainly, I believe it does NOT use CycleStreets route data – please tell me if I’m wrong.  Though I prefer OSM that’s not one of my requirements, but CycleStreets routing is.
Berwyn – Google Maps does NOT use CycleStreets route data.
Why I like CycleStreets - in areas of London that I know well, I’ve compared CycleStreets routes with those recommended by Google Maps, and CycleSteets routes are much better.  I am very keen to have voice navigation but not at the expense of good routing.
3 requirements = iPhone; voice navigation; CycleStreets routes.  The search continues!
Richenda Walford 
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Co-Rider did what you want and while it still works on the latest iOS it doesn’t look like its on the App Store any more.  You could try Komoot.  It uses Open Street Map rather than Open Cycle Map but as I understand it the only difference is the visualisation layer showing more useful info for cyclists but the same underlying database.   Komoot offers OCM on its web version but not on its app version.   You could use Komoot for voice navigation and keep OCM for if you need to look for a bike shop etc.

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On 1 Aug 2021, at 15:02, richendawalford <richenda@...> wrote:

A few months back I asked for help finding a navigation app - powered by CycleStreets, running on iPhone, with voice navigation.  A number of people responded and I followed every lead.  I ended up concluding that no such app exists.  Yes, if you run Andriod; yes, if don't care what data it uses; yes, if you don't need voice navigation. But I could find no app that meets all 3 requirements.  I'd love to hear from anyone who can prove me wrong!

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