Re: Navigation app - powered by CycleStreets, running on iPhone, with voice navigation

Tony Raven

Co-Rider did what you want and while it still works on the latest iOS it doesn’t look like its on the App Store any more.  You could try Komoot.  It uses Open Street Map rather than Open Cycle Map but as I understand it the only difference is the visualisation layer showing more useful info for cyclists but the same underlying database.   Komoot offers OCM on its web version but not on its app version.   You could use Komoot for voice navigation and keep OCM for if you need to look for a bike shop etc.


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On 1 Aug 2021, at 15:02, richendawalford <richenda@...> wrote:

A few months back I asked for help finding a navigation app - powered by CycleStreets, running on iPhone, with voice navigation.  A number of people responded and I followed every lead.  I ended up concluding that no such app exists.  Yes, if you run Andriod; yes, if don't care what data it uses; yes, if you don't need voice navigation. But I could find no app that meets all 3 requirements.  I'd love to hear from anyone who can prove me wrong!

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