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Steven Edwards

The main suggestions from the meeting were to keep responding the mass of consultations on 
ETO measures (many soon to reach the end of their temporary trial period).

There has indeed been an amazing amount of infra that’s gone in in the last year and a bit; the equivalent to perhaps several year’s worth under ’normal’ circumstances.
A problem for TfL has been ‘burn-out’ - with insufficient officers available to keep up with the pace of
change (facing off the noise of the opposition who remain persistent despite the positive ruling on the Bishopsgate measures).

The successful overturning of this JR (challenge by the pro-motoring lobby to the City measures), though positive
(and will likely be cited in further instances where motoring groups challenge active/healthy travel schemes), tereare still other JRs still to go to the courts.

The other main take-away from the meeting was to ensure your councillors receive positive feedback for the schemes that have gone in.

I referred to one of my preferred routes (from a wide choice across Camden), of Waterloo to Camden via Gower Street,
made possible by the simple contra-flow on Endell Street (in Covent Garden).


On 18 Jun 2021, at 15:14, EleNdubz <elena.moynihan@...> wrote:

Thank you for sending this link, for those of us who were not able to attend would it be possible to circulate any minutes/actions from the meeting ?

Whilst it is encouraging to hear about cycling infrastructure spending, historically this meant pointless painting on streets which serve no purpose and are routinely ignored:  how can we ensure we push TfL to spend this money on segregated structures ?

On Thu, 17 Jun 2021 at 13:44, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:
For those of you who are not subscribed to LCC's Friday post, I'm forwarding details of tonight's Local Group Forum with Will Norman. There will also be introductions to the new LCC staff so it should be worth attending, see below.



John Chamberlain


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11 June 2021

Dear John,

I hope you are doing well.

In this week’s Friday Post we have:

  • Local Group Forum on Thursday
  • 100m for cycling and walking in DfT-TfL deal
  • Micromobility parking
  • Introducing Katy – network coordinator
  • London cycle infrastructure through time
  • Guidance
  • LCC website map

Local Group Forum with Will Norman

A reminder the Local Group Forum is this Thursday and Will Norman will be joining us.

The discussion with Will Norman will take up most of the meeting and we will begin with that. He will be talking about what local groups can do to support walking and cycling in their area and listening to you about the issues that you face so do come prepared with questions and items you want to raise with him.

After the conversation with Will, the other items on the agenda are:

  • Introduction to Suami (for those who haven’t met him) and Climate Champions
  • Introduction to Katy, our network coordinator
  • Micromobility parking report alert

**Please do share details of the Local Group Forum with other group members who are not on the Friday Post.**

A reminder that the meeting will not be recorded.

Meeting details:

Thursday 17 June, 6.30-8.30pm

Meeting ID: 856 0559 7890
Passcode: 253680

100m for cycling and walking in DfT-TfL deal

The Department for Transport and Transport for London have agreed a funding deal for London’s transport systems until December 2021. In case you missed the blog post looking at the deal and particularly what it means for cycling and active travel, read it here.

According to the deal, TfL must commit at least £100 million on walking and cycling before December of this year. Do ensure that your borough is prepared to capitalise on money that comes to them.

Micromobility parking report from LCC policy forum

More cycles, cargo bikes and e-scooters on our streets are causing a shortage of parking spaces for these “micromoblities.” Parking must double rapidly based on rising cycling levels, the roll-out of e-scooter hire trials and other factors, says new research from the London Cycling Campaign’s Policy Forum, the Micromobility Parking: Literature Review.

In the week e-scooter trials started in London, the LCC’s Policy Forum report on micromobility parking good practice provides recommendations for local authorities and operators.

You may wish to alert your officers to the report. It can be found here


Introducing Katy

Katy Rodda is joining LCC in the newly created post of network coordinator. She’ll be working closely with local groups and will be at the Local Group Forum.

See here for a little Q&A with Suami and Katy, the newest joiners to the campaigns team.

For now a few words from Katy introducing herself:

I feel as if I've been moving into this space over a few years. It started not long after I became a cycle trainer, when I'd hear parents say “Well, thanks for that, but s/he's not cycling on the road because it's too dangerous.” And holidays in Denmark and personal field trips to the Netherlands were like having the clouds lifted from my eyes. I returned from those idyllic places to weep daily for young people here, because the quality of life is so compromised by the inappropriate outdoor environment. 

I've also been working for Wheels for Wellbeing, so I've seen how having the opportunity for freedom isn't just a matter for non-Disabled people. Right now we're at a critical point trying to make our streets more inclusive than they've ever been, restoring the social function of decades past combined with mobility options for more people. 

So much to work for, and I'm looking forward to working alongside the many outstanding LCC local reps to achieve our visions for London.

London cycle infrastructure through time

You may have already seen these time-lapse videos from @SafeCycleLDN looking at how cycle infrastructure has grown in the capital over the past decade of increased attention to cycling. A number of boroughs have been done, and the plan is to cover all of London. These first eight videos really show what a decade of pro-cycling policy can create. They sadly also show what happens when boroughs don’t do enough.

You can see them here


As soon as it becomes clear whether restrictions will be lifted on June 21 and how, we will issue updated guidance. In the meantime, please refer to existing guidance for rides and Dr Bikes, and if you meet face-to-face for any other LCC-related task please ensure you adhere to all government guidance.

LCC website map

The events map on the website is still being looked at and it should be fixed by Monday. 


Hope you enjoy the weekend


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