Re: Consultation on making New End HSS permanent

Jean Dollimore

Hello Elena

It’s good to hear that we have a supporter in the New End area!

We’ve been very frustrated to the opposition to Camden’s schemes by opposition councillors. It’s not only those in the Hampstead Town ward. I expect that you have noticed that Cllr Steve Adams and other Belsize ward councillors have been working hard to try to defeat the proposed Pop Up cycle lanes in Haverstock Hill. (Very ironical when their Tory government is encouraging and funding TfL to pass on funding to Camden and other boroughs to carry out the work).

Anyone that reads the Ham and High will see this coming Thursday that John has an article on just that subject. 

Beste wishes


On 12 May 2021, at 07:21, EleNdubz <elena.moynihan@...> wrote:

Thank you for sending this, I live just around the corner so I have returned with a Strong Approval .

The problem with Hampstead Town is that our 3 councillors are massively pro-car.  Every time the council tries to implement any car restriction  (even during Covid) they cause a massive fuss, go to the local papers etc.

I have added a comment to the consultation that we need more schemes like this, fingers crossed !


On Tue, 11 May 2021 at 15:27, Jean Dollimore <jean@...> wrote:
Dear all

I have just received a consultation on making the New End HSS permanent

In this case, the only proposed change is to reduce the number of people getting exceptions from the CPZ CA-H to just those living in the roads ion the affected area, which seems good.

I am replying in support on behalf of Camden Cycling Campaign but I hope that you will spend a few minutes filing in the form, particularly of you know the school or live close to the area.


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