Re: Consultation on making New End HSS permanent


Thank you for sending this, I live just around the corner so I have returned with a Strong Approval .

The problem with Hampstead Town is that our 3 councillors are massively pro-car.  Every time the council tries to implement any car restriction  (even during Covid) they cause a massive fuss, go to the local papers etc.

I have added a comment to the consultation that we need more schemes like this, fingers crossed !


On Tue, 11 May 2021 at 15:27, Jean Dollimore <jean@...> wrote:
Dear all

I have just received a consultation on making the New End HSS permanent

In this case, the only proposed change is to reduce the number of people getting exceptions from the CPZ CA-H to just those living in the roads ion the affected area, which seems good.

I am replying in support on behalf of Camden Cycling Campaign but I hope that you will spend a few minutes filing in the form, particularly of you know the school or live close to the area.


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