Re: Euston Road cycle tracks #space4cycling

Steven Edwards

In agreement there.

It might be said that even now, many schemes can still suffer from the same piecemeal approach
that has been to the detriment of several schemes for years.

Will Norman should really be on the case here for extending & expanding and making links.

A general rule of thumb ought to be NEVER to remove any  existing infra for cycling - just to improve it
by connecting it as Mustafa suggests, to exiting stuff elsewhere..

(ok..I know there are consultations for ETOs…but...).

We really have to keep up the pressure against single-occupancy/2 mile trips too.

Any removal of major schemes undermines the case for infra elsewhere & is hugely dis-spiriting.



On 12 Oct 2020, at 22:59, Mustafa Arif <mustafa@...> wrote:

they haven’t seen “the same high increases” is because it’s just an isolated stretch of cycle lane. They should have been bolder and continually extended it to cover a decent route – either an E-W corridor, linking up with ex

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