Re: Euston Road cycle tracks #space4cycling

Mustafa Arif

It’s extremely disappointing. Reasoning given by TfL from the article:


“We appreciate the challenges for buses and freight on Euston Road, which our lengthy monitoring of the area has highlighted. We have also not seen the same high increases in cycling on this stretch as in other areas.


A couple of things come to mind:


Firstly, is anyone aware of any data to support the “challenges for busses and freight” and, as John alludes, shouldn’t the current reallocation of space be used to get ready for the loss of capacity during the HS2 works?


Secondly, the reason they haven’t seen “the same high increases” is because it’s just an isolated stretch of cycle lane. They should have been bolder and continually extended it to cover a decent route – either an E-W corridor, linking up with existing superhighways, or else a continuous cycle lane along the “Inner Ring Road”. The Park Lane cycle lane referred to is vulnerable for exactly the same reason.


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There are plans to remove the pop-up cycle tracks on Euston Road

The installation of these tracks between the Euston Underpass and St Pancras Station was a bold and welcome move by TfL. The tracks connect the West Euston and Regent's Park Estate Area with Somerstown, Kings Cross, and Bloomsbury neighbourhoods. The tracks link up with the Midland Road and Judd Street tracks and connect to the University sites around Gordon Square and to UCLH on Euston Road.

I personally use the westbound track when travelling between St Pancras Station and Gower Street. If they are removed, it will be a terrible loss for commuting cyclists in central London. What do you think we should do?



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