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John Chamberlain

Linus is right - the proposal to remove the cycle tracks on Euston Road is hugely disappointing and we're afraid it will set a precedent. Here's a copy of an email we sent to the Mayor, Heidi Alexander, Will Norman and others at TfL. If anyone else would like to write then that would be great; you could cc this group also Adam Harrison (adam.harrison@...) the Camden cabinet member responsible. He has written a very strong letter to the same addressees. And LCC will be writing too.

What's even more aggravating is that HS2 will be taking a lane for years once work on the station area starts. And 2 lanes were taken during the Olympics...

Here's what we said:

"I am writing on behalf of Camden Cycling Campaign, the local borough group of London Cycling Campaign (LCC). We have over 400 members and we represent the interests of cyclists living or working in the Camden area as well as those travelling through.

I would like to register our strong opposition to the proposed removal of the cycle lanes on the Euston Road. The installation of these, along with the lanes on Hampstead Road, has made a huge difference to the safety and convenience of cyclists travelling along the east-west corridor. There is no other east-west route to the north for a mile and the nearest route to the south (in Tavistock Place, 350 metres away) involves a significant detour.

As well as the safety and amenity of cyclists, the lanes represent a significant step in reclaiming the road from the tyranny of the motor vehicle and send a strong message about TfL’s commitment to Active Travel. Further, the banning of turns onto side-streets, inherent in the scheme, has made a positive difference to the adjacent neighbourhoods by reducing rat-running traffic. The lanes have also made it safer and cleaner for pedestrians on the footways by separating them from polluting traffic and by making the side-streets safer to cross.

We are aware that there have been issues with connectivity for cyclists and also with displacement of motor traffic onto local roads, but these issues should be fixed rather than abandoning the scheme.

Please would you reconsider.  If you decide to go ahead, please keep the turn bans. As well as the positive effect on the adjacent neighbourhoods, these turns, especially the left turns, were notoriously dangerous for cyclists due to the risks of left-hooks. Also, as they are not fully signalised, they made it very difficult for pedestrians to cross the mouths of the side-streets.  It would be a great pity if these advantages were lost.

We also hope that you can take the opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to provision of new routes for active travel on TfL roads including the proposed Holborn to Waterloo and Holborn to Old Street corridors.

Thank you."


John Chamberlain


On 12/10/20 12:55, Linus Yahoo wrote:
There are plans to remove the pop-up cycle tracks on Euston Road

The installation of these tracks between the Euston Underpass and St Pancras Station was a bold and welcome move by TfL. The tracks connect the West Euston and Regent's Park Estate Area with Somerstown, Kings Cross, and Bloomsbury neighbourhoods. The tracks link up with the Midland Road and Judd Street tracks and connect to the University sites around Gordon Square and to UCLH on Euston Road.

I personally use the westbound track when travelling between St Pancras Station and Gower Street. If they are removed, it will be a terrible loss for commuting cyclists in central London. What do you think we should do?


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