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seymour susan

Dear Martin, what a great effort. I've been doing walks in some of these areas on the same train out of London model, up until lockdown, and I can vouch for the great landscapes and interesting places to see.
Have bookmarked for when I start using public transport again.
Best wishes

On Fri, 31 Jul 2020 at 12:25, Martin Nelson via <> wrote:
Dear CCC members,

my recreational cycling project, Cycle Orbital (formerly C25), is nearing the point when this website can be made public:

At which point it will be linked to Cycling UK website, and receive some launch PR. The site has been built by Anthony Cartmell of Fonant He's done a great job to map 750 miles of interlinked routes in a smoothly-operating site.
I would be very grateful for any feedback as we tackle some snagging, make graphic and visual decisions, and add information in the coming days. I will be allowed 'under the bonnet' next week to edit and add.

There is a specific omission; I have very few pictures of cyclists on the routes. I recce'd this network in free time as a 'man on a mission' - thousands of miles of cycling - and had no time to invite friends along or photograph passing cyclists.
If you happen to have ridden any of the routes and can trawl through your photo library, then give me permission use one, that would be great. Mamil pictures are fine, but any of women and children are especially welcomed.

many thanks

Best wishes

Susan Seymour
twitter: @sseymour137

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