Re: Proposed Meeting with Daniel Glaser

Steven Edwards

Wednesday early afternoon would suit me. 
Other days might be preferable.

On 22 Jun 2020, at 21:19, John Chamberlain <john@...> wrote:

Daniel was at our meeting last Monday. He was on the CCC committee for several years but stepped away for a while. At last week's meeting he expressed ideas on a number of topics including diversifying our network, Dr Bikes, buddy rides and publicising what we do, as well as some specifics on reducing traffic in Belsize Park. 

We thought we'd have a separate meeting with him to float some ideas and get some external stimulus. Would any other committee members be free to join us? We were planning on Wednesday afternoon or evening but if you'd like to join in but are not free then, suggest some other times and I'll do a Doodle poll.

It would be good to look outside our bubble a bit; I hope some of you can join us.


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