Re-allocation of Street Space in Camden

John Chamberlain

Camden have recently announced more measures and proposals to re-allocate road space to pedestrians and cyclists and reduce traffic through residential neighbourhoods. These all look really good but from a cycling point of view probably the most significant proposal is for a network of pop-up cycle lanes covering a substantial part of the borough which you can see here overlaid on an interactive street map (use the slider at top right to change the opacity of the overlay). And TfL have announced that there will be a segregated lane on Oakley Square, Lidlington Place and Hampstead Road (we haven't seen the details yet). We've been campaigning for this for years!

We're keeping track of all the proposed, agreed and implemented schemes on our Covid-19 page at so keep an eye on this. We'll email when there are significant new developments.

Camden's Commonplace website at is still active so do add items and support the ones you agree with. Numbers count!




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