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Daniel Glaser

It’s a good point. We cycled with the kids into the West End at the weekend. Good wide lane just was just being finished on Portland Place. But for example at the bottom of Regent Street the build-outs for pavements make it quite tight for cycles and buses. This will definitely be a problem when buses are backed up.

On 1 Jun 2020, at 08:23, John Chamberlain <> wrote:

Does anyone have experience of what it is like to cycle past Sainsbury's on Camden Road now that TfL have re-allocated the nearside northbound lane to pedestrians and moved the bus-stop out? It seems to me that they could have left some space for cyclists but I haven't been there to see what it is actually like. Maybe it is no worse than before.

Before I contact them I'd like to get some first-hand comments.

Thanks - you can email me direct if you prefer.

John Chamberlain
Camden Cycling Campaign



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