Re: Five point closures and a pair of pop-up cycle lanes

John Chamberlain

I spoke to officers in Camden earlier - they are aware of people doing this in some of the locations and will be installing more bollards. Meanwhile if people can safely take photos that would be helpful.





On 30/05/20 21:22, Simon Pearson wrote:

Hi Jean


In your photo of Sandall Road the plastic barrier on the railway side is enclosing a manhole cover broken by a vehicle evading the closure by driving on the pavement.  I have also witnessed a car evading the closure on the school side by driving on the cycle bypass.  A tight fit but passable.  I have informed Camden of both.  I suspect it’s also happening at Wilmot Place.  Incredible.




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By the middle of the last week, Camden completed  Phase 1 of their Covid-19 response by building point closures in Sandall Road, Constantine Road, Wilmot Place, Clarence Way and Hartland Road as well as pop-up lanes in Goodsway.


See here for the post on our website:




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