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Thank you for providing some entertainment, Gerry.

This is just the self-serving, self-interested sort of comment that one
expects from the lunatic fringe of the Camden Cycling Campaign, which for
the past three or four years has worked constructively with the Council.
Self-interested? I hardly ever cycle there. (Disclosure: it is my brother's
regular route). I am concerned for those people who, attracted by the new
cycle lane, now have to cycle against the flow of a fast one-way street.

Some members of the CCC, such as Mr Casalotti may not have heard of
Boulevard, which frankly will benefit very many more people than a cycle
Gerry, you know very well that I am familiar with the Boulevard scheme.

It so happens that, rightly or wrongly,
That is exactly what we are trying to determine. Who has given them the
right temporarily to close a cycle lane?

Gabriels have blocked the
Seven Stations Route from time to time in order to carry out
their necessary
works. Lionel's photographs provided some evidence. Officers are aware
of this and have been speaking to Gabriels, who is a contractor
working for
the Council.
It doesn't seem that these conversation are very fruitful.

But really there is something serious amiss here. If Gabriel need to close
the cycle lane (and judging from the photographs, it seems that they do need
the space) than one of the road lanes needs to be converted to temporary
cycle lane.

I am quite sure that if Gabriels had been able to do it
another way they would have done.
If this is the case, then the Council is clearly and seriously at fault for
not providing a temporary cycle lane (which incidentally does not mean going
around the block: there is plenty of road space right next to the cycle

Mr Casalotti should remember that he is one of a tiny minority of Camden
residents, the majority of whom support the aims of Boulevard,
I don't understand how you got this idea that I am not in favour of
Boulevard. As everyone knows I strongly believe that pedestrians' needs
should come before cyclists' needs

and if it was
not for the Council that he wishes now to take to court there would be no
cycle route, segregated or otherwise in Royal College Street.
My comments clearly implied that I presumed it is the contractors who were
acting improperly. Your statement is almost an admission that it is the
Council who has a case to answer.

Goodwill is
rather important. Dear oh dear. It must be the silly season, Paul.
It seems that the silly season is all year round in Camden:

From squandering tax-payers money awarding courier work to higher-bidder
Parcelfarce to u-turning in Covent Garden, because a couple of street
closures inconvenience some taxi drivers.

Maybe the CCC can consider the selfishness of his attitude at it meeting.
Hey, I am talking about sharing.

It is quite simple: there are three lanes, one of which is a two way cycle
lane. Work needs to be carried out that necessitates the closure of the
cycle lane. Put a few plastic bollards and convert one of the car lanes into
cycle lanes. So we all share the available road space. Easy.

Doesn't sound selfish to me.

But maybe I am guilty because I have not been brainwashed by the motor lobby
in believing that the convenience of motorists is more important than the
safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

All the best,


It reminds me of the residents of my ward who live next door to Hampstead
Heath but who object, each year, to a fairground which is there for one or
two weekends in a year.

Gerry Harrison
(one cyclist who is aware of the wider picture)

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Subject: Contractors Render Royal College Street Cycle Track Unusable

The Royal College Street cycle track has been half obstructed for the last
few weeks with construction materials, and on some days
contractors vehicles
have totally blocked the track, rendering it unusable. The
problem is being
caused by contractors Gabriel, who are undertaking pavement
renewal as part
of Camden's ambitious Boulevard street environment improvement programme
We have complained to the council on a number of occasions, and
are highly
disappointed that the council cannot seem to bring about any improvements.
Now one of our Committee members has taken a raft of photos which
graphically show the damming evidence - see some of them here:





This is appalling. Doesn't the Council have a statutory duty to
provide safe
alternatives? Does the contractor have a right to park on the cycle lane?
Have they paid to block our right of way? If not, let's take them
to court!


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